Success Capital (reg. CR 11551) is a Non-Governmental Organisation led by young people for young people.

Our Vision is to be the first choice for information, activism and knowledge sharing for LGBT youth and young women in Anglophone Southern Africa.

Our Mission is to build knowledge on human rights issues; share this knowledge and empower young people for civic action in its variant forms.

Our Values comprise of 1) Integrity in our work, 2) Inclusiveness in our approach, 3) Innovation through our people and 4) Impact driven solutions building.

Our Strategy in the short-term includes linking local developments with global policy making and youth participation frameworks. Our long-term perspective involves engaging other Anglophone Southern African grass roots organisations, change agents.

Our Environment is complex and challenging for effecting long term change. Factors include declining social investments, funding disparities between the Global North & South, long-standing established civil society relationships, competitiveness in funding opportunities and the inability to provide meaningful and equitable incentives for talent.

Our Approach is comprehensive. We adopt proven methods in an innovative manner; integrating fundamental rights in active research, participatory training and infrastructure support for the implementation of our beneficiaries’ newly formed skills.

Our Team is comprised of less than 10 passionate, dedicated and youthful volunteers that have committed a significant portion of their personal time and multidisciplinary skills.

Our Philosophy is qualitative and grounded on evidence; this enables a better understanding on the issues that affect young people. We believe in understanding society in order to change it. Most notably in issues of intersectionality and structural inequality.

Our Partners are of aligned interest, passion and long-term outcomes; to ensure equity and not just equality in human rights issues relating to the law and society.

Our Reporting is based on two proven theories in monitoring and evaluation; Theory of Change and the Logic Model.

Our Work reflects a dynamic, intellectually curated investment in building a community of young people that can serve and improve their surroundings.

Our History can be found here.