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Civil society work has largely remained the same over the last two decades. These relate to filling the gaps where states had shortcomings, i.e. health services, social provision. Relative progress has been made, however challenges still remain for marginalised communities. This is a result of focus on more ‘visible’ problems (i.e. poverty, violence, police brutality, state administrative decisions, legal petitions). Through its work, Success Capital has established the need to address more systematic problems, as this is more often the source of these never-ending problems. Our work recognises the intersectionality of problems faced by marginalised communities today. This includes widening income inequality, a lack of innovative spaces for new ideas and society at large. Success Capital aims to address these problems through investing in the individual. Common law recognises the rights of an individual and this is the basis in which we are formed. To provide a platform for dialogue and knowledge sharing that can inspire change among individuals. This change must be identified, assessed and managed by the very individuals affected by the problems. We encourage, support and expect our beneficiaries to challenge stigma and discrimination in often neglected systematic everyday spaces; in the workplace, at home, in culture, in religion, in community, in media, in social settings, in justice and in service provision. These are the sources of the most ‘visible’ problems.

How we work

Success Capital adopts a Theory of Change model that is anchored on three key focus areas: Building Knowledge, Sharing Knowledge and Supporting Activism.


We focus on quality and not quantity. Long term and not short term. Thus we engage a cohort maximum of 20 beneficiaries per engagement (i.e. training, seminar, research, dialogue, exchange). Subsequent engagements and providing our infrastructure for follow up implementation of skills is critical to success. This is replicated to more groups of 20 beneficiaries. We source investments (not grants) prioritising participants’ documented needs and use this as a basis for collaborating with other civil society organisations and investment partners. We share our progress on a quarterly basis, reflecting on shortcomings, achievements and trends. Read more on our areas of focus and interest in our newsletter and other publications.




Last updated June 2017

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