Support Us

LGBTIQ+ funding is limited, highly competitive and even worse for youth led related initiatives. Trends further reflect that allies, external service providers and other civil society organisations also compete for LGBTIQ+ related funding. Youth led (not just serving) organisations are further impeded by stringent and often bureaucratic requirements to quality and meet eligibility needs. A lot of time, effort, mental strength and skill is taken away from impact/community serving aspects of organizing due to the administrative and support demands of formal grants and other types of external funding. Although we are actively challenging power and having conversations on changing these dynamics, we still need to secure livelihood, care for ourselves and not have to compete with day jobs or school work in the form of transport money or opportunity cost. We have had volunteers leave us, rejections from others based on likeability and at times, having to navigate politics in spaces that are not as safe as they present to be.

Help us thrive and respond not just to our context specific challenges, but also the opportunities that emerge. This will further allow us to focus on what we do best; advocacy and smashing patriarchy.