Our Work

Our work does not fit within a short-term M&E indicator framework. Neither does it work within development parameters and framing of concepts that largely remain colonial, capitalist and neoliberal. We leverage our expertise with an inherent interest in thriving as a community of multifaceted, talented and diverse young people. 

Human Rights + Sustainable Development
Indivisible + Interdependent
Universal (Both)

Ensuring that LGBTIQ+ youth are included in human rights standards and sustainable development commitments means individual rights are respected and no one is left behind. 

What does this look like?

Intersectionality, Comprehensive Solutions & Multidisciplinary Approaches. 

Communities curating affirmative, decolonized and dignified content.

Conversations that spark Creativity.

Creativity that sparks Change.

Collaborative Curiosity & Cultivating Care.


• Over 50 trainings, up skilling initiatives, workshops, dialogues and engagements held since 2013.

• Average 8 – 30+ participants all under the age of 30 years.
80% of participants being LGBTQ Batswana.

• Thematic issues ranging from HIV Prevention, Social Entrepreneurship, Climate Change, Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights, Family Planning, Human Rights, Gender Equality, Youth Policy, Leadership, Financial Planning, Youth Development Fund, Proposal Writing, CV Development.

• At least 7 research initiatives across 4 Southern African jurisdictions with a cumulative 250 hours of semi-structured interviews and focus group discussions since 2013.

• Regional work at/on African Commission on Human and People’s Rights and the Southern African Development Community Protocol on Gender and Development.

• Global work at/on the United Nations General Assembly, Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women, ICPD, Beijing +25, Global Action Plan on SDG 3, Political Declaration on Universal Health Coverage.

• Over 20 advocacy tools and digital campaigns held since 2013.

• Over 330000 organic individual touch points, impressions, hits, downloads and clicks across digital platforms since 2013.

• 3 emergent youth groups.

• All with an average project budget of USD 6300 per annum externally secured funding since 2013.

• At least USD 43000 in kind work, volunteerism, donations, equipment and skill invested since 2013.